Rachel Corry

Rachel eats and sleeps art projects. She has wide-eyes for vintage objects, recycley crafts, embellishments, patterns, poetry and handmade everything. She can be found out in the San Francisco wind with her hair whipping all around and becoming tangled.

She thinks mostly about:

-how to make cool, light, affordable shoes by hand
-what kind of ceramics are cool to try n’ make
-which bike routes to be taking everywhere
-who will be fun to hang out with, and learn from
-if she pursues several artistic directions at once, will her projects suffer or gain strength? and of course,

One day Rachel had a Welsh wooden-clog carver remake a pair of her favorite jesus-sandals that were on the fritz. When the originals, as well as the remakes, perished in an electrical house fire, (keep your wire-chewing bunnies in their cages?!) Rachel picked them out of the ashes and looked at the layers of sandal before her: this was something she could make! Right? And so began a 2 year relationship with sandal-making.

She is still learning, but making each pair with a feel for wearability, a knack for thrift, an eye for what’s good-looking and new, and a love for wearing sandals everyday! The name of her shoemaking shop is rachel sees snail shoes.

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