Made in Bolinas, CA

This past week, we had the pleasure of setting up a full on production sewing studio in Bolinas. Our dear friends at Gospel Flat Farm offered us the Farm Stand art space, which has so far hosted art shows, gourmet meals, and children’s music classes, all with the intention of sharing the work of an interconnected creative community. The beautiful open space is situated behind the 24-hour on your honor Farm Stand on your way into town, run by the Cousins Murch.

This was the first time that the space was utilized as a workshop–and we very much enjoyed welcoming shoppers and curious passers by into our process. In doing so, they, along with lady chatter, great music, a solstice picnic, grain salads and the first beets of the year, beach runs, loom visits, Sam-caught crab, and super posi-vibes, entered each garment.

We’ll be back at the farm with Bron, Mickey, Arlo, Sam, Sadie, Sarah, and Don next week, and it couldn’t come soon enough. We’re so grateful for their open doors.

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