Soft Spot for Softies

A new but old, silky yet rugged, stuffed and puffed art form has made an appearance in my daily life this last week. Soft Sculptures–an oddly gutter-minded title for such child-like art–are like pillows, only not. Making their way onto the art-walk back in the 1960’s by such big wigs as Claes Oldenburg, Xavier Roberts and Louise Bourgeois, soft sculptures range from Cabbage Patch Kids dolls to vulva-shaped centerpieces, to macrame.

So what to read on the subject? In fact the “quintessential document on the emergence of soft sculpture as an art form” has made a guest appearance in my amazon cart. The book’s title: Soft Sculpture and Other Soft Art Forms by Dona Z. Meilach.

Check out all these sweet muffin shots of the softies! Can I get a craft night?!

Soft elephant sculpture

soft headpiece sculpture





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