Juliet Gorman

Juliet has always been a crafter–as a kid, her mom used to teasingly call her a “grandma in training.” It started for her with sewing, took a detour through weaving and quilting, and today her obsession is clay. Working at functional three-dimensional forms is a quite a fun challenge.

Juliet grew up in a Cathedral in the heart of New York City (true story) and has been a New Yorker for all but four of her 30+ years. Today she works out of a school and studio in the West Village, Greenwich House Pottery, where wonderful people have been teaching ceramics for over 100 years. She is pleased to know that her mom also studied there more than 30 years ago.

You can find a portfolio of her ceramic work at julietgorman.com and keep up with her doings at flickr.com/julietg.

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