Panda Launch

We are so stoked and proud to announce that we’re planning to begin selling our Panda Face bunch this Friday. To celebrate, a gaggle of us went for an adventure to Angel Island yesterday. Quick change photos happened too.

On very short notice, we gathered bikes and bodies for the first ferry out. In true San Francisco summer style, the day started out chilly and foggy and practically begging for a round of on-board Bloody Marys. Thus fortified, upon arrival we turned our tempted glances away from the segway rental booth (the photos!) and set out on a loop around the island, greeting over-nighters, dodging the tour bus, installing performance pieces at ruins, romanticizing the living arrangement of park employees….until finally we got to the beach where it was practically tropical and we went for a swim. Then a round of beers, Popsicles, and the return ferry–we were back in the shop by 4 in the afternoon. Zing!

High fives to Em, Holly, Nadia, Drew, Selma, Matthew, Aaron, and Bill for such an awesome day. I’m in for every Tuesday. And I hope everyone who picks up one of these guys gets to feel the joy we’ve had designing, creating, and romping around in them. xx

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