Found Poems

Found Poems by Bern Porter. Published by Something Else Press in 1972.

Bern Porter (1911-2004) began as a scientiest, contributing to the development of the cathode-ray tube (for television), the atomic bomb (with the Manhattan Project), and NASA’s Saturn V Rocket. When the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, he walked away from the Manhattan Project and took up art full-time. He became a master of collage, found poetry, and a publisher to like-minded artists, most notably Henry Miller. New Yorkers and visitors of New York may have had the stoke out of seeing his MOMA Library show last year.

This volume, Found Poems, is the first in a seven-part series of Founds. The last three books, The Book of Light, The Devil’s Wishbone, and The Porter Book remain unpublished.

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