Em Gift: On Gifts

It’s the time of the year when people refuse to accept my dinner reservation, when they think I am being overtly holiday cutsey when introducing myself, or just think that my name is SO appropriate for the season. The gift giving season! Since I am clearly but one woman and not willing to be given and received like some Shotwell Street floozie, I am taking to the camera, computer and keyboard and composing the perfect gift guide from the perfect Gift herself. So here goes: Em Gift on gift giving: Part 1 of an ongoing series. Indulge me OK?!!

Bookish Buys

Paris Review bag: $25 clams, Tauba Auerbach book: $35 bones, Lamy fountain pen: $30 wompu, Absorene paper & book cleaner: $12 dollhairs

Gold & Silver Gold & Silver Gold & Silver

Yellow Owl Workshop 24k card: $5 buckaroos, Slip-n-Snip scissors: $12 bux, Fay Andrada Sakara earrings: $75 dingers, Gnome Life Records Echomancy series tape w/mp3: $8 pieces, Mimi Anne wallet: $70 well-spent rubles, Lila Rice Disc hoops: $176 dollahs, Hermetus bottle opener & sealer, $12 scrilla

Sophisticated Club Kid Gifts

Sister Corita book: $30 nuggets, Orlando Richards hand painted scarf: $70 duckets, Holly Samuelsen  for Gravel & Gold origami leather clutch: $120 pieces of cheddar, Salihah Kirby hand beaded Tetris earrings: $130 smackers

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