Alisa Grifo’s shop Kiosk has been a major influence on what we do at Gravel & Gold. She curates a range of products during her travels all over the world and offers them in an exhibition format at her shop in SoHo, New York. Each item is presented with a full explanation, which comes along with the item to its new owner.

We have worked with Alisa to set up an exchange between our two shops. Our  Kiosk kiosk here at Gravel & Gold combines some faithful standards from the ongoing Kiosk collection along with a few items from Alisa’s current America #4 group.

Please, in the flesh, all the way out here in San Francisco, come experience how marvelous it is to strike the Xylophone, haul the Steele Log Carrier, manage your dinner dates with help from the Bread & Puppet 2012 Calendar, sharpen your turkey carver with a handy sharpening tool, open and then seal! your non-alcoholic cider with a Hermetus Bottle Opener, and test your insane cakes with as ingenious not-a-broom Cake Tester.

Those in New York, we hope you enjoy our own selection of West Coast warm-makers when you make your necessary stop off at Kiosk. There you’ll find  our familiar West Marin Trees Bath Salt, Peter Scherr ceramic pipes, Osborn/Woods postcards, wildcrafted Smudge Sticks, Pt. Reyes Gold Hoop earrings, Emmy’s pickled Tumeric Cauliflower, George Knowles spoons, and Slip-N-Snip Scissors.

Many thanks to New York Magazine for the cousin coinage and thanks to Refinery 29 for the pics of Kiosk.

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