Charming Spoils

What we have here are two very excellent necklaces that we’ve put together, featuring beautiful exotic animal bits of questionable origin but unquestionable style.

Right! The first one, a tiger’s claw, I am told, was originally intended for Tom from Joe back in 1887. Tom was all, with this silver capped tiger claw, I thee chum. Because tiger claw pendants were obvi to Victorian gay men what IV ring finger tattoos are to Jay-Z and Beyoncé, that is a symbol of their undying love and cosmic connection, their This Was Meant to Be.

Nile paired this one with a vintage Italian sterling silver chain, and I like just how it is, though it would also be a great start for a multi-charm necklace.

This second one is an appealing modernist collage of ivory and sterling silver. I’m into the proportions of the ivory pieces and their soft, rounded shape within the square format. Nile put this together with an extra-long watch chain that we’ve doubled over. It may be pulled on over the head, and we hope might also inspire a collection of good luck charms to come.

I’ve photographed these guys against one of the napkins that I made during Ashley’s very excellent dye workshop the other night. It is not for sale. The necklaces are for sale. To make one yours, give us a call at the shop, (415) 552-0112.

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