The Reliably Excellent Unreliable Novelist

We at the shop are lucky to enjoy a great many regulars, and when I’m gone from the shop, I miss them. As anyone who’s ever worked at a place, shop or otherwise, where you’re there in one room, rain or shine, all day, will tell you, regulars are lifesavers. Rachel with her Meyer lemons, Dennis with all his wisdom and neighborhood gossip, Aimee’s inspiration and encouragement by post, Pete and his item suggestions (the English umbrellas, long-footed Japanese socks, and Mid-western backpacks are on their way, I promise)–we wouldn’t want to do it without you.

Another tremendously welcome regular is Upstairs Natalie. She lives upstairs, she’s suuuuuper nice and, until recently, that’s about all we knew other than her indefatigable ardor for Hue Yang ceramics and few personal details. Recently, though, there’s been a lot of buzz about Miz Natalie, and like a good neighbor, I intend to spread the word.

You see, Upstairs Natalie Linden is The Unreliable Novelist. She is writing a feminist fairy tale spy novel written with forum assistance in choose-your-own-adventure style. You follow? Each week, she posts excerpts with a question she needs answered in order to devise the next scene. Folks weigh in, she writes, a novel is formed. A saucy one, at that, and her first. As she goes, too, she lets people know about how the writing is coming and hears back about what she’s written. Awesome project, right! And all happening right upstairs. Check it out!

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