Takin’ Care of Biz-Snatch

You know how when you meet someone and you instantly develop an inspiration crush on them and you want to call them up, like, every day after work just to tell them a  funny story and get together for coffee or dinner, like, every night to talk ideas and you tell the world that you two are best friends, and start referring to our inside joke or our thing all the time in public so as to profess your obvious soul mate match-dom?

Well that’s how I feel about Rachel Budde. I mean we haven’t really even hung out yet but we, like, totally will.

She is the mastermind behind the herbal apothecary line Fat and the Moon and we are ever so happy to be carrying, wearing, using and dusting ourselves with her goodies.  Just last month she floated into our sphere and brought along with her tooth soap and dry shampoo, deodorant cremes, yoni and baby dusting powders, growing belly balms for those with child, beet-powered lip and cheek stain and Cass’s ever needed poison oak relieving mud.  Rachel is also in the process of making us an all-herbal all-important first aid kit and is stirring up a “Especially for Em” poppy tincture for me to mellow down with. My make-up bag has undergone a pretty major transformation since meeting my new Budde. I carry around a  zipper pouch now filled with glass jars by F&M and my waste basket is filled with remnants of my past Covergirl and Noxema relationships.


I am planning my official  best friend takeover at her Yoni Care Workshop next Sunday.  She will be gracing the shop on Earthday to gently enrich the minds and bodies of those lucky ladies in attendance, and if you happen to join in you will be witness to my often awkard, mostly talkative, and genuine yet perhaps showy attempts to match her down-to-earth mystical aura and win her affections of friendship!

Spots are few, the experience of Rachel is special, and the harnessing of your yoni care is empowering. I do hope you can join in on this modern-girl-with-an-age-old-knowledge-of-healing-and-meeting-with-the-goddesses.



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