Really a marvel–all those stones and rocks and pebbles stuck together to form a place to feel safe and to get a good view of the sea. The pavers polished extra smooth from so many years of so many feet shuffling. But it was clogged with tourists. This was the only picture I took of the city. We siestaed heavily.

Ahhhhh, last night traveling with Nicky, who really only sometimes wears sunglasses inside, but never at night, and always with reference to a Sofia Coppola film. Our hotel room was, like, next door to my beloved Rachel Kaye bedroom painting that hangs at home in San Francisco–the first real painting I ever bought.

So grateful for the chance to catch up with that oddball, the writer Nicky-Lou. It was a good thing she had me around to normalize appearances and to defray various schemes by various Croatian hotel conglomerates to defraud us of unknown monies on account of us never really learning the exchange rate.

How’s that for some heavenly, unwitting product placement: 1. Upstate sarong (available at G&G), 2. Raissa Bump linen sweater (available at G&G), 3. H Fredriksson silk dress (available at G&G)

This last Upstate shroud one taken by Nicky on her iPhone, with help from Instagram–and I’m finally hooked! But am I a David Shrigley drawing?

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