Studio Visit: Fay Andrada

New York was a whirlwind of a trip last week where old friends, new best friends, lovers and puppies were all around me! After an eventful few days in Manhattan visiting Chelsea Piers to do some light golfing, eating oysters at as many happy hours as possible, attending FSC’s newest bespoke lounge opening party and taking lots of pictures of Chunk, the cutest puppy in the world, I spent a few hours last Saturday drinking sparkling water from her very own soda stream and getting to know the wonderful lady and jeweler that is Fay Andrada. On the way to Fay’s studio I stumbled upon a real thinker of a statement on the mural-ed wall of her block. It read “without your eyes”… WHAT without your eyes? What I ask you?!! I am barely sleeping over this…

On the early side, anxious to meet Lady Fay I had the luck to chat with Stella, a beautiful and kind Brooklyn native. She asked for the time from across the street, it was 11:33. Stella told me she was waiting for the mailman who usually comes a little after noon but was soaking up the sun in the mean time. With ease, Stella and I started gabbing and she told me not only the history of the block, neighborhood and her past husbands and lovers but boasted that she was born in 1926 in the very house behind her where she has lived her whole life! She was very keen to pose for a photo and I was keen to hug her before leaving. Sweet sweet Auntie Stella.

Studio Door, fully equipped with a bar to trip over upon entrance!

Fay’s set up is pretty radical in the way that she is in a complex shared by Odette jewlery, MCMC fragrances and a whole slew of other makers and lovely productive people. I also learned that Fay and Lila Rice are not only jewelery lady contemporaries but new best buddies! This pleased me. Here is Fay pulling out a slew of new samples and stuff she is working on.

Her inspiration-wall filled with art friends have made and gave. I was especially partial to the black and yellow spotted number on the left.

Soldering in progress: Vihuka earrings in the making!

Originally a graphic designer Fay made the transition to Jewelry fabrication a few years ago after taking an intro to  jewelry making class, twice, in her one year of living in the Upper North East.

In trying on jewelry and gabbing and drinking spritzer Fay made my lady dreams came true and gave me a GOLDEN RING! I love it and have not taken it off yet.

Some of Fay’s newest: Please take note of the shark fin ring… Yowsa!

Tear shaped things, made me cry not to walk away with them all…

Now, I’m not gonna lie, Fay and I got a little cRaZY here at the end  of our meeting and took some “hippie pictures” of each other ensconced in flowers and sunlight. I present to you “FAY THE FAY OF FLOWERS!”  I hope you enjoy Fay, cause I enjoy you!Come in to the shop to see more of Fay’s goods and check out her website for a complete viewing of her line!

Oh and don’t worry, I got a Lobster Roll when I was in NY…

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