Today at our weekly morning lady pow-wow I was reminded of these three lovely ladies. I am overjoyed that Dolly, Emmylou and Linda managed to meet and collaborate in their lifetimes, which has allowed them to internet serenade me all-the-shop-day-long. I will also go so far as to draw a parallel to three other wonderful women whom I know to collaborate and continuously bear luscious fruits of labor that allows for me to be serenaded by Dolly, Emmy and Lindy all-the-shop-day-long.

In full celebratory mode and with my big boss lady power, I here declare July 17th, 2012 the first international


This day is for all the trios that be, all the goddess triangulations that makes things right and for all those illumi-naughty lady groups that meet, make and create. You know who you are.

Namaste Goddesses

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