Ready, Set, Hike!

I seriously cannot believe that I get to spend the next week in the High Sierras! This Wednesday I hop in the Subaru and set off to spend some QT with the good people at Juniper Ridge and a whole gaggle of other friends and friends to be. Serendipitously two of my oldest and bestest buddies Noel & Fletcher will be driving down from Big Sur and joining the fun. Fletcher and I plan on hashing out our epic concept for the music video we will be working on in honor of his forthcoming album for Bird By Snow. Jeffrey Thrope, now older since last I met him, will bring his Cold Splinters and good-vibes and I look forward to becoming his best friend by the end of this trip. Then there is of course my JR lovers Ali and Obi whom, boy oh boy do I adore! We, along with seven others, will be walking about 42 miles in 5 days heading north between Kearsarge Pass and Taboose Pass on the Pacific Crest Trail where the average elevation will be somewhere around 11,000 feet. It won’t be all hard work though, don’t you worry. Juniper Ridge thought of it all and in order to allow for our proper re-integration with society we will be ending the summer camp in style by spending two nights in Mammoth Lake at a classy lodge in full-on “recovery” mode. Translation: BBQ’s & Beer. I probably will be too busy to take pictures what with all the fun I will be having, but if I do, the photos will most likely end up on instagram @GravelandGoldSF or @JuniperRidge.

Follow the fun. I am!

Poster by Ken Davis, who is also going on the trip.


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