Olle Nyman Koloni

I am missing my California lady friends so much today! But I have been diligently collecting spots for us to check out together next time one you make it over to Stockholm. When the mood strikes to eat delicious food and mostly drink a lot of white wine in a garden café connected to an inspiring painter’s studio cum museum (are there other moods?), I’ll take us to Koloni at Olle Nyman‘s studio and home.

Olle Nyman (1909-1999)—the jolly chuckling one in the stripy shirt—was born at the house in Saltsjö-Duvnäs and lived and worked here for most of his life with his sister Kajsa. The old studio, built in 1973, preserves Nyman’s studio, with graphic works, sculptures and paintings on display. The paintings, I really like. The new studio, built in 1987, shows new work. The whole place is intended to function as a living cultural center, and the working vibe is alive and well there. The night we went, I was unable to enter any of the studio buildings, but I did manage to lurk that picture of Nyman’s studio. Looking forward to getting back there!

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