Critical Ass

About six months ago my good friend Pearl Marill asked if I wanted to be in her wacky exercise video project. For some bizarre reason I declined, only to have deep remorse later. (My pants, however, did make it into the video. They are the little red number on the blonde babe-man Alex) The video then turned into an ongoing performance piece, Critical Ass, that would engage people in free dance workouts at parks around the city. As she puts it “Critical Ass creates an accessible and affordable (FREE) class for the public that allows us to get a great workout, wear spandex, provide free performances, and hang out with old friends and new friends on a beautiful day in the park. I figured, if we are going to be here in the park already, why not dance, and play with new ideas for performance in a space we don’t have to pay for rentals, all the while providing activity and entertainment for park goers around us?” The event strongly supports the liberal use of spandex and bright colored costume and serves as a 80’s Jazzercise inspired show/play/watch/join/dance/sweat/booze church for those who love to move or just like watching. I am in shop today wishing and wishing I was out there with them. Critical Ass is taking place up at Randall Park til 6pm TODAY! Stop by if you want to be entertained or want to bust a move, but really watch this amazing video on repeat.

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