COUNTRY♀WOMEN #12: Children’s Liberation

Bats, Feminism and Candy: Interview of Country Women (represented by Pam and Harriet) and Sanji, Kate, Allison

CW: What do you wonder?

A: I wonder about the people in Japan. What is it like in a war. I wonder what it’s like to be abaloneing.

S: I wonder, I wonder, I wonder, what it’s like on other planets. I wonder what nothing looks like; And like on the moon. I wonder how the beings are on other planets.

K: I wonder why grownups don’t like a lot of children to see a lot of things that they do. Like in bars and courtrooms, and movies, and like making love.

A: I wonder if there are really Martians. I wonder what it’s like to be an Indian. I wonder if there’s really ghosts.

K: I don’t believe if you burn someone’s grave the spirits haunt you. I wonder a lot of things. I wonder why a lot of kids aren’t allowed to swear.

A: Children I mean.

S: They swear like this—Baaaaaa.

A: I have to go take a shit. Let’s turn the tape off.

CW: Can’t you say that into the tape?

K: If we put it in Country Women all the straight people will read it.

CW: I’d like to talk about that. Even in our favorite books they don’t go shit and pee.

A: I know.

S: Yeah, even in Laura and Mary books. They are the weirdest people in the world. They never go shit or pee or eve have an outhouse.

K: Maybe she was constipated….

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