COUNTRY♀WOMEN #16: Women Working

from "Clay Digging"

  by Billie Luisi

The earth reveals her workable clays. Streams, ponds, and the shores of other bodies of water are her sites. You may find it helpful to check with your local Federal Soil and Conservation office for geological information relevant to workable clays in your locality. Sites of defunct potteries and brickyards were usually located near the clay source. There are many farmers and older people in your area who know where there’s clay; they’ve been meeting up with it for forty or fifty years when tilling and planting. Well sites and construction clearances provide accessible sources. You have to get there and dig before the project is completed, before cheap topsoil and astroturf are brought in to hid the scars. Folks are very kind about giving permission to dig and haul clay; I think they like to see it going to some use.

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