Eva Hesse Working

Eva Hesse then in her Bowery studio, NYC (1968)

This group- Henry Groskinsky for LIFE (1969)

Eva Hesse in her Kettwig Studio, Germany 1964 and 1965

Sans II (1968)

Repetition Nineteen III (1968)

Top is Gretchen Lambert, Eva Hesse in her Bowery studio (1965) then Ingeminate (1965) and Hess with it.

At an opening in 1965, then Ascension (1967).

Untitled or Not Yet (1966)

Stephen Korbet, Portrait of Eva Hesse (c.1959)

If you’ve made it this far without cracking your heart open like a watermelon and you need to obsess some more about Eva, check out her archive at Oberlin College. That’ll do the trick. And then this sweet letter from Sol to finish you off.

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