Marie-Louise Ekman

Striptease, 1973


Dam och elefant-gata III, 2008

Lithograph from 1976

Home at an Ape II, 1974

Tufted Picture (meaning, actually was made into a small carpet :0)

Marie-Louise shot by Carl John De Geer, A trip with the then Madame De Geer around 1966

A still from her 1979 film Barnförbjudet starring Bibi Andersson as “The Mother”

Starring in her own film Hallo Baby, 1976

Marie-Louise’s set for a 2012 production of Giselle, Acts I and II

Marie-Louise Ekman, née Fuchs née De Geer née Bergenstråhle is currently the Managing Director of the Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre. Before that, she made films, modeled, conspired with her ex-husband Carl Johan, and obviously she continues to be a great painter and designer. There is a book available!!!

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