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A shot from the 1966 Mah-Jong catalog. Photo by Carl-Johan De Geer.

These shots were all taken by Carl Johan De Geer in 1966 ad 1967, featuring his then-wife Marie-Louise and their buddies.

A group of Mah-Jong fabrics, one on Marie-Louise. I’m always a big fan of that hardware-free purse strap connection solution you see on the chevron print at the lower right.

A shot from the 1972 Mah-Jong catalog. Photograph by Johanna Hald. Takes all Swedish kinds!

Mah-Jong Manifesto

1.  The same design is made year after year.

2.  The materials are natural.

3.  The clothes are available for all ages and all sizes.

4.  Clothes ought to be beautiful.

5.  The clothes should be manufactured in Sweden.

Read more about it in Google Translate-ese on the website of one of the founders, Kristina Torsson (that’s her in the kerchief with the cuties in quilted snowsuits), who has kept up her own line Vamlingbolaget. There is also a book in Swedish! Looks great.

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