Mother's Day

The Gravel & Gold gals asked their mommas to tell us their favorite items we sell in the shop. Not only does this make our gifting life extra breezy, but it might just help your gifting as well.



 1. First Falls Medici Dress

2. Wigwam Cypress Socks

3. Wary Meyers Pineapple Tropical Soap

4. Volta Pants in Windowpane

 These are almost sold out! For more Volta Pant options check out:




1. Patricia Yenawine Dip Glazed Mug

Paula says: "I appreciate the Yenawine pottery because the surfaces remind me of rock formations I might encounter on a hike in the desert."


2. Mackerel Sky Card by Saturn Press

 Paula says: "The Saturn Press season cards are lovely, I'm always looking for an inspiring card for thank you note or other snail-mail communiques."


3. Antlia Scoop T-Shirt in First Falls Print

Paula says: "Threads-wise my favorite top is the Antlia scoop with the First Falls print. Very vibrant cool colors. I was so pleased with how well my G&G tops worked for travel in the Yucatan - cool and light, easy to wash and quick to dry. They also blended nicely with the local architecture." (see photo below!)


Paula says: "Re: the Pt. Reyes hammered hoops, I've had 2 pairs, one gold and one silver, and have relied on them for the past few year for all occasions and no occasion. On the rustic to elegant continuum, they occupy the sweet spot."




Michelle says: "The cup is playfully glazed….the colors look like dawn in some magical place."

Michelle says: "The towel is wonderful and humorous, like all the Boob-print items. I love the reversed black and white and the generous size." 

Michelle says: "The little bag is simply design perfection."

Michelle says: "Nourishing Traditions is an important book about food that separates the wheat from the chaff."

Michelle says: "These earrings are magnificent -- ancient and contemporary, architectural and bold."

 1. Dades Stud Earrings by Takara

Kathy says: "I like the fun shapes!"


2. Point Reyes Gold Circle Studs

Point Reyes Hammered Gold Bangles

Kathy says: "These are both classic and beautiful. Can dress up or down."

4. Beeswax candlesticks


Kathy says: "It's so nice to have clean non-toxic candles to burn!"


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