Gravel & Gold x Group Partner

The Boob Print meets the Girl Pot.
They make quite a pair. 

A few years ago Isaac of Group Partner gifted us one of his Girl Pots
wearing a groovy Gravel & Gold boob print swimsuit. 

It’s been years in the making, but worth the wait:
meet the official Boob Print Girl Pot collaboration.

Group Partner is a Brooklyn based ceramic studio created in 2012 by "neo-hippy" Isaac Nichols and "radical feminist" Steph Smith.  Neither of whom are "business types".  The "company" started as a means for Isaac to "blow steam" following his  "long day at the office" as a "ponytail contractor". Following the internets embrace of his "girl" and "face" pots Isaac struggled alone.  In 2015 Isaac crossed paths with "radical Feminist" Steph Smith akaHaHaShutUp, a recent recipient of the extremely marketable and respected Feminist Theory Degree from Evergreen University, which she had industriously applied to her job as a "dog walker". The two have worked together side by side since then in early 2015, "righting the wrongs of humanity", one pot at a time.

photo by Emily Johnson

Hey Isaac, how did you first hear about Gravel and Gold?
I wish I could remember, I feel like Gravel and Gold had been floating around my social scene as this shop that was the epitome of cool stuff shops. Like it would pop up in conversation from time to time, people having visited or wanting to sell their things there etc. I think the first time I came across your site was when I was tracking down that incredible boob textile. I bought a pillow case for my girlfriend, we both love it still. It wasn't long after this that i started making my girl-pots. I had so much fun back then painting all the pots with different tops on, that was when I painted the first boobs-on-boobs pots. I made three, one was for myself, one i sent to you guys I think, or to the woman that designed that textile (but it might have broken?) and one I gave to my partner Mandisa. Then things got busy and i moved on to other projects and sort of forgot about the collaboration until just recently.
I'm super excited that its coming together now, as far as objects go, I think its a great one and it will be around and appreciated for a very long time. 

I look at this calendar every day and have for two years.
It's always making me smile, AND, Scott went ahead and drew
me in as the 24-hour-woman on May 2nd this year, (my birthday).  

 I love small bags like this one, they're great for keeping my different tools and crafts in order and making them easy to find and carry around. I use this one for my clay tools. 
I have others for my electrical tools, plumbing tools, glues & adhesives, drill bits, pens and pencils etc. But this one I think is especially nice and pleasant to be around, so thats why it gets the clay tools as I use them the most.  

I would LOVE to have an apron made from this fabric. I would wear it ALL THE TIME!


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