Giulietta Octavio

    Dr. Giulietta Octavio earned her clinical doctorate in acupuncture and Chinese medicine (DACM) from ACTCM, CIIS and has been practicing in the Bay Area since 2002. Octavio believes that everyone is fundamentally good and deserves to be met where they are on the path to wellness.  Giulietta has lived in San Francisco for 31 years. She is a surfer, cyclist, and mom to a teenage daughter. Both of her grandmothers (one German, one Italian) practiced their own traditions of herbal folk medicine, and she dedicates this practice to them.

    With 18 years of clinical experience in evidence-informed, holistic medicine therapies, she prides herself on the ability to explain medical treatments and their benefits in easy-to-understand terms. She works with people well versed in holistic medicine as well as those skeptical or afraid of alternative modalities. She will work with your primary care physician, psychiatrist, pediatrician, or specialist to make sense of the best healthcare treatment options for you.

    “Modalities I practice include acupuncture, cupping, Chi Nei Tsang, and holistic nutrition assessment—among others. I have also studied Reiki, Qi Gong, Radical Therapy and more (see below) which complement my clinical doctorate degree. Well versed in both Eastern medicine and Western functional medicine, I integrate the two, interpreting laboratory tests to diagnose physical imbalances and engaging intuition to explore other possible sources of pain. I maintain expertise in an array of allopathic and holistic therapies to provide choices when helping people to feel better. “

    With a background in dance and movement therapy and experience as a PT/OT aide at San Francisco General Hospital, her treatment approach rests at the intersection of physical, emotional and mental health. This mind-body focus is a natural extension of her commitment to holism—seeing the whole person within the context of their entire ecosystem—and lies at the core of her goal to empower people to create a life that celebrates and cares for them.

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