To The Breathing World

Received a long-awaited parcel today.

Neal Morgan Package

Neal Morgan has been at work on this drum and voice record, TO THE BREATHING WORLD, since spring of 2007. I’m proud to claim a majority portion of the Kate Bush-ish tweets that were added in one of the wee cabins up on the Mesa as the direct result of a G+G bewitching.

To The Breathing World cover

Drag City has this to say of it: “To The Breathing World is, as the title implies, a debut album, as well as a letter of love to the world at large and small. Sober of voice, ecstatic in heart and mind, Neal Morgan has broken through, and coming through the polyphony of voices and blur of arms and legs and sticks and cymbals is the sound of a manifesto.” Especially when you hear it in headphones, he would add.

To The Breathing World backside

We are delight to be able to offer both the CD ($8) and the LP ($14) at the shop. Come by and get both! Also, Neal will be coming to play a the shop in a couple weeks, on the 22nd. Stoke out.

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