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If you would like to write about Gravel & Gold, we thank you and we ask that you direct your questions to If you’re just here to bubble bathe in our flattering clippings, we like that too.

Our spring Gravel & Gold Goods collection gets a warm welcome from Daily Candy. Thanks ladies! March 18, 2013

Fear not the good vibes, friend. Design Sponge city guide

We’re beyond-grateful for the shopping guide coverage from the sweet girls at Refinery 29. December 2, 2011

Finally, some press to make our brothers proud. Cass and a mystery blonde on the Vice blog. And the Russian Vice blog, too! November 2011

Us girls at the shop were so stoked and humbled to be included on our hero-blog Reference Library, as well as Andy’s super awesome daddy blog STORK BITES MAN, where he featured our Boob Top.

xoxo Andrew Mariani 4eva! The Huffington Post July 19, 2011

We’re so stoked! And we sound that way! To be included! In the “Best of SF” edition of SF Weekly! May 2011

We’re on the blogroll at I’m Revolting–so rad. Definitely have a look around. I’m glad she digs Philippe. December 3, 2010

So now we’re certifiably big in Japan. Or at least our hair is. Behold, us in Figaro, Japan. December 2010

O to be named “well-curated” in the eyes of The Atlantic! High flying praise indeed. November 23, 2010

We were stoked to be included in Sunset Magazine’s roundup of independent SF shops, along with the Studio Choo gals over at Prairie Collective. November 2010

Kerstin Svendsen came and took a look at her beautiful book, From Orchards, Fields, and Gardens, on our shelves and wrote us up on her blog Me Cozy. October 25, 2010

Katie Goldman Macdonald was kind enough to include us in her guide to the hood in Lucky, a magazine that a great majority of my cousins seem to read. Finally some props from the Texan branch of the family! September 2010

Gravel & Goldify your whole domain with this guide from Apartment Therapy. August 13, 2010

Lloyd Kahn wrote up a wonderful, insightful post about his slide show on his wonderful, inspiring blog for Shelter, Lloyd’s Blog. June 20, 2010

It was so great to see so many friends, makers, and new faces at Lloyd Kahn’s slide show. Thanks for the announcement on The Arm, Ian! June 18, 2010

Us + General Store  + Cha-Ya = Really Good Trip Planning. Of course! From a really great designer, Lena Corwin. June 3, 2010

Love the love from the Hunter Gatherer, also a maker for the shop, Miz Ashley Helvey. Also when she reps Rebekah Miles. March 10, 2010

Hue Yang’s cheerful porcelain mugs are featured in 7×7’s “Fresh and Local” guide. March 2010

SEY YES Jay Carroll! Thanks for including us on One Trip Pass! February 27, 2010

Lee featured the Osborn/Woods “Caribbean Sea” print on her terrific blog, 2 or 3 Things. Thanks! February 19, 2010

Filmmaking superstar Faythe Levine, she of Handmade Nation, sent a shout out the Osborn/Woods Show and all the rest of the shop on her blog. And became a friend, which is even better. February 18, 2010

Us three ladies are profiled looking ready for the nightlife, in the morning, at the shop. Thanks Leilani! 7×7 February 2010

Wowza! Our name appears in print for the first time, in Vogue no less. Thanks Jesse! December 2009

Surprised and flattered that Lisa Congdon included such a full interview and picture spread about us for her guest blogging spot at Poppeytalk. Yay! November 16, 2009

Takes a special eye to recognize the Parisienne in Lisa, and an even specialer one to spot the YSL flava at Gravel & Gold. Of course the lovely Refinery 29 ladies were up to it, and were kind of enough to include us on their mega-blog as well. Mais Oui! November 14, 2009

OMG Ian McDonald know who we are, he likes Rory’s weaving collection and Paula’s scarves, and he’s about to get a fan letter concerning his ceramics and his blog, The Arm. Septbember 20, 2009

SFStation reviews our new space and I miss Sara Bright’s paintings in there…. August 21, 2009

Daily Candy was kind enough to announce our re-opening in the new space. It’s a grand new world. August 7, 2009

We were so delighted to be included on Lee’s thoughtful and inspiring blog, 2 or 3 Things. Check out the old shop! And Lisa with tiny bangs! Amazing. June 26, 2009

The first press we know of came curtesy of Dujour Magazine. Man were we stoked! Still are. September 2008.