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Stacy Fisher

7 August 2014
Cassie McGettigan

Stacy Fisher, Yellow and Grey Sculpture on Wood, 2011Yellow and Grey Sculpture on Wood, 2011

Installation by Stacy Fisher at Mixed GreensGreen Sculpture with Painting, 2011

Stacy Fisher, Orange and Tan Wall Sculpture, 2011Orange and Tan Wall Sculpture, 2011

Stacy Fisher, Installation View at BravinLee ProgramsFamiliar Places, 2013

Dag, Stacy Fisher! Doin’ it! Check out:

We’re Hiring!

6 August 2014
Cassie McGettigan

photo (1) (400x400)


We’re hiring a part time sales associate! 

Be available weekends 

Be willing to work during holiday times

Be joyful!

Email resumes to 


For Kiddos

6 August 2014
Cassie McGettigan

  meditation circlemeditation circle

meditating with childrenmeditation tree

meditation drawingmeditation boy plaid

Excellent exercises and attitude available from Deborah Rozman, Meditating with Children, also 1975.

At Alite

6 August 2014
Cassie McGettigan

Jean sewing an alite backpack

Our friends at Alite have shared a wonderful behind the scenes look at how our collaborative Panda Face Bike to the Beach Bag came to be. For example, here is Jean sewing the bags over at Alite HQ. Check it out!


5 August 2014
Cassie McGettigan

yoga red lionWake Up to Yogayoga red danceryoga green twistyoga black shoulder standyoga blue cobrayoga green fold

Wake Up to Yoga by Lyn Marshall, 1975. And you know it really is Lyn Marshall by the strong LM patch she’s got on all of her rainbow leotards.

PLAYLIST: Renewed Vow Blessings

30 July 2014
Lisa Foti-Straus

Tom & Deb

Blessings on Tom & Deborah, Tomra’s parents, who are renewing their vows after 35 years of marriage! Let us enjoy 35 tracks in their honor.


20 July 2014
Cassie McGettigan

Tomra on a rock

I am grateful to Leigh Patterson for inviting me to share 5 THINGS I’m into right now on Alldayevery. Please enjoy!


16 July 2014
Lisa Foti-Straus

2 MEN playlist for Gravel & Gold

DJ / HOST and MERRYMAKER Primo Preems gives us up to DANCE! More majorly in person at Amnesia this Saturday.

Travis Meinolf

14 July 2014
Cassie McGettigan

Travis Meinolf 2


Yeah yeah yeah! Travis and his wife Iris and their boy Louis are back in the Bay and we are hosting a TRAVIS BLANKET SHOW this Thursday, July 17th. Please come check it out! In the meantime, here are some shots of all of them at home, seeming to make blankets in the way he does actually make blankets.

Travis Meinolf 1

Travis Meinolf 3

Travis inherited his big loom from his grandma, who took it over from her best friend. It’s a 1920′s model from the Reed Loom Company. On it here is a blanket that Travis is working on for the show–it has a cotton warp that was dyed in Tessa Watson‘s indigo vat at the Berkeley Art Museum during The Possible show and Sally Fox’s wool that Travis works into homespun.

Travis Meinolf 4

Travis Meinolf 10

Travis Meinolf 11

The homespun is spun on this spinner. Louis knows what to do. That top shot is really just a floss for that Bauhaus Archive poster that’s so great (they’re offering a similar one now, not as great but still really nice).

Travis Meinolf 6

Travis Meinolf 5

Travis Meinolf 8

Travis Meinolf 9

The other loom that Travis is working on these days is one of four of the collapsible models he made for The Possible, much like the ones he’s made and worked on publicly for years. AND YOU CAN TOO!!! Rigged up here is another plain weave blanket that will be part of the show at the shop.

Travis Meinolf 12

Travis Meinolf 13

Travis Meinolf 14

And here is a look at Thursday’s showstopper, which is also an extension of the work Travis made at the big Berkeley show. Thousands of visitors to The Possible worked on the floor looms he set up there. Their weavings were stitched together to produce reams of fabric, which Travis cut up so that swatches could be included in an edition of artists books. Here is the husk of the original, stitched on a backing fabric to make yet another blanket.

Travis will be working on one of his collapsible floor looms at the opening, and he’ll be coming by to keep working over the course of the show. Please come by yourself, meet Travis, and enjoy the show!

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