The Astrology of your Year Ahead
The Astrology of your Year Ahead

The Astrology of your Year Ahead

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The 2019 astrological calendar is packed with manifesting potential. Understanding the core elements of your natal chart can help you harness this energy and wield it to your benefit. When most people hear too much astro talk their eyes glaze over. "Eclipses in Cancer/Capricorn. Uranus re-enters Taurus. Jupiter transits Sagittarius. Mercury Retrograde. Saturn return.” What does it all even mean and how does it affect you?

In this workshop you will learn:
  • how to cast your personal astrological natal chart and the fundamental principals to reading it
  • what astrology can actually show us about who we are
  • how astrological transits bring external life events to influence our inner development
  • the meaning being your Sun, Moon and Rising signs and what they tell you about yourself
  • the signification of the Ascendant and how it relates to the planets and houses in your chart
We will then integrate this information to look at your personal year ahead. We will engage key themes in the astrology of 2019 and apply them to your unique chart. You will leave this workshop with clarity on lessons to look for, a list of important dates to with which to work, and understanding of what areas of your life will be activated by the sky this year. You will also receive rituals and self care suggestions specific to your individual astrological makeup for supporting yourself in uncertain times.
Please come prepared with your fullest self, an open mind and something to write with and on. Please also bring your date, exact time, and location of birth in order to cast your astrological birth chart.

Erin Tack Shipley is an astrologer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through real life experience and working with many clients, Erin has witnessed the power of astrology to help us better understand ourselves and create positive change. Her work is grounded in practical magic, honest reflection, tangible action and is oriented through an intersectional feminist lens. Erin is primarily interested in how astrology can inform and support feminist social justice movements, the healing of our earth and our collective progress. She believes this process begins with individual awakening and personal growth.
Erin writes a weekly astrological newsletter and monthly Full Moon horoscopes. She is the former weekly tarotscope columnist for Selfish Magazine and a Horoscope Editor for Shakirah Tabourn’s astrological publication NFLUX. Erin works with individual clients, teaches workshops and leads moon ceremonies in spaces across the country. To find out more or book a one on one session, visit