Hannah Vainstein

The Art of CANDLE MAGICK Beeswax Candle Dipping

October 23rd 2016 5PM-7PM


Candles carry magical mystical properties and have been used in sacred worship and prayer for thousands of years, beeswax candles in particular are sacred conduits. Bees and beeswax were worshiped in Ancient Egypt and even earlier by goddess cults.
In this class we will focus on dipping beeswax candles with intention. As the winter solstice approaches dipping beeswax candles bringing light and warmth into the darker months. The art of dipping candles is slow and rhythmic, first in wax and then water.  During this slow meditative practice you can imbue your candles with intentions, magic, and gratitude so that when they burn they release that energy into the universe.

Burning beeswax candles is said to have healing properties by producing negative ions, purifying the air and improving one’s health, energy, and mood. In this class, you will learn how to dip candles with everyday materials, such as: a tin can, double burners, raw wick and beeswax.  

You will practice the art of dipping by making a little pair of candles so you can learn the technique and after becoming familiar with the nature of the material you will be free to dip to your heart's content, around 6 pairs of candles.  We will talk about the mystical properties of beeswax and it’s relationship to art, goddess cults, and shamanic practices. 

The class will be held at the shop on October 23rd 2016 from 5pm - 7pm
3266 21st St.
San Francisco

The fee is $75 and includes all materials. 


Hannah Vainstein

Hannah Vainstein founded The Lower Lodge : Artist Salon, Studio, and Boutique which is in Santa Barbara, California.  The Lower Lodge hosts, promotes, and participates in cultural events with the aim of fostering a local and global creative community. The LL is an outlet of seasonal making with an emphasis of an integrated and sustainable lifestyle. Hannah Vainstein studied at an intensive arts and crafts college in England