Maribeth Keane

Self Care in Uncertain Times

Sunday October 21st 2018 5-7PM


Join local herbalist Maribeth Helen for a workshop inspired by her zine, Self Care in Uncertain Times.
During our time together we will be guided through a plant meditation, define what self care means for each of us, reflect on creating healthy boundaries, and workshop self care tools for supporting our best selves as we navigate the stressors of being a human in our modern world. 
Maribeth will talk about herbal allies and gentle daily practices to bring deep nourishment while guiding us back to the wisdom of our bodies. We will create our own herbal blend to take home with a few recipe ideas about how to make your own herbal medicine for self care. 
Please bring something to write with and on + a tea cup.
Sunday, October 21st 5-7PM

Maribeth Keane

Oakland, California

Maribeth Helen Keane is a folk herbalist, medicine maker, and writer living in Oakland, California. She believes in self care as a radical, necessary medicine and the amazing ability of the plants, and of our own bodies, to guide us towards our innate wisdom to heal ourselves and within our communities.