Scented Candle - Voulez Vous
Scented Candle - Voulez Vous

Wary Meyers

Scented Candle


Sensuous French rose flirts with exotic Oriental spices in an alluring Indochine dream, nuanced with the bouquet of Darjeeling, amber, and wild poppies. An intoxicating and seductive scent, like floating on a rose petal in a moonlit pool of tea.
N'est-ce pas?

Poured by hand in small, carefully crafted batches in the Wary Meyers studio in Cumberland, Maine. 

These candles are made from a blend of premium food grade paraffin and soy wax. 

The wick is all cotton. 

6.7 oz. 40 hour burn time.

Wary Meyers

Portland, Maine

Husband-and-wife team Wary Meyers started out in Brooklyn designing interiors for artsy-types. Now located in Maine they've taken their design sensibilities and infused them into enticingly scented candles and soaps, which they hand-make in their Cumberland home in an attached former beauty salon built for the former lady-of-the-house in the 1980's. The small-batch glycerin soap bars are available in 10 different vibrantly-striped colorways, and look more like designobjets than