Rachel Sees Snail Shoes

April Sandal Making Workshop

April 24th 2016 11AM to 5PM


Sandal-making is a great introduction to the complex world of shoe-making. In this class, participants will design and assemble a pair of custom open-toe, open-heeled sandals to take home. You may choose to work from provided tested patterns, copy a beloved sandal-shape of your own, or invent something new!

Materials include vegetable tanned or colored leather uppers, heavy leather top-soles, cushioned rubber soles, brass shoe tacks, and various lacing and hardware. Come prepared for a day filled with cutting, scratching, glueing, stamping, hammering, pressing, and lots of creative decision-making.

11AM to 5PM

Location :
Gravel & Gold Annex
925 Guerrero (Garage Level)
San Francisco, CA