Dori Midnight

Potion Making Workshop




Sunday, February 7th 4 in the afternoon

Come make your own healing elixir for what ails you or your deepest heart's desire with local beloved Witch, Dori Midnight. Dori will lead us through a little visualization to get focused on exactly what is called for, then choose from many flower and gem elixirs such as: Love Potion, Sweetness and Light, Fairy Magic, and more to create our own personalized blends. Each potion maker will get to take home a 1 ounce bottle of potion, which you can drop on your tongue with delight!

Open to witches and creatures of all ages and magical skills. Families welcome! $20-30 sliding scale. Please let us know if you'd like to join the workshop by emailing us at


Dori Midnight

San Francisco, CA

Dori Midnight entered our lives as the happy result of the most unlikely of set-ups: Nile’s mom ran into Dori’s mom at the supermarket down in LA. The moms—old PTA compatriots—figured out that both their daughters were living in San Francisco and had to meet. Said daughters, once informed, thought of course, Yikes. But then in comes Dori to the shop on the appointed day,