Emily Tareila

Next Breath: Intentions + Gestures for 2017

January 8th 2017 5PM - 7PM


Artist + facilitator Emily Tareila leads a group workshop to identify ideal conditions under which we can feel agency, empowerment and buoyancy in our day-to-day and year ahead. 
How can we be more generous with ourselves and one another? What does it really mean to treat ourselves well, to keep our home fires burning, our intentions steady and our minds and hearts open? How can we better feed our spirits, creative practices, and curiosities? What are some slight shifts we can make that can feel big and powerful? 
The workshop engages participants in guided mind-mapping and visualization exercises, reflective and visioning writing, and discussion. Each participant will receive an editioned artist book to write in and glean from, a bibliography and resource list and object-based assignments to propel them forward. 
**Please note there is a 48 hour cancellation policy**

Emily Tareila

Amherst, MA

Emily Tareila is an artist and facilitator living in Amherst, MA. Her work explores the ideal conditions needed by individuals and communities to actualize ideas, create a context, make, and come together. She cares a lot about a lot.