Ashley Eva Brock

Natural Dye Workshop

Sunday August 21st 1PM - 4PM


Oak galls are a very versatile dye material. On cotton, it yields an earthy gold color. On silks, a shimmery gold. It can be used as a base layer to mordant your fabric in preparation for other natural dyes. And when an iron mordant is added, it can create black.

In this class, you’ll:

- Learn how to make the dye 

- Experiment with different dye techniques with provided fabric swatches, and 

- Dye at least two natural fiber garments you brought from home. More if there's time and dye left. Silk is recommended  

This workshop will take place at 
1645 San Pablo Ave.
Berkeley, CA

Ashley Eva Brock

Bolinas, CA

Ashley Eva Brock is a dyer, clothing/costume designer, and fiber artist living in Bolinas CA. She has worked as a dyer for the San Francisco Opera, has done costume design and fabrication for music videos, performance, and film, and sells limited edition hand made clothing.

Visit her website: Find her on Instagram: @ashleyevabrock