Lash Ring - Young In The Mountains
Lash Ring - Young In The Mountains

Young In The Mountains

Lash Ring


A bright wide eye to take in the world.  Lashes of sterling silver flutter on either side of a 14k gold bezel. Chrysocolla at the center is like the iris of an eye, dark and deep.

All the stones are cut, polished and faceted by Mariele Ivy in her studio.

All the silver and gold work is hand fabricated. 

14k gold, sterling silver and Chrysocolla

Size 7

Young In The Mountains

Mill Valley, CA

Mariele Ivy is the artist and designer behind Young In The Mountains. 

As the daughter of a wooden boat builder & an avid gardener her works have always been inspired by the symbiosis of humans & their environment. Raised in Western Montana, her early life was spent in the rivers and the woods, exploring and creating art inspired by the beautiful surroundings.