Marlee Grace

Exercises in unfolding, or how to make a blanket

January 7th 5pm - 7:30 pm


This improvisational quilting workshop is a way for a group of people to learn the basics of improvisational patchwork on a sewing machine.  it's a very basic 101 class - no sewing machine experience necessary! we will go through the basic elements of scrap piecing a quilt top, attaching the 3 layers of a quilt, hand quilting, & binding your quilt!

You will leave with all of the knowledge & materials you need to finish your quilt at home. 

There are only 6 spaces

You have to bring a sewing machine

Scraps provided

you will also leave with batting & embroidery floss to finish your first blanket and a worksheet to refer to as you go 

Marlee Grace

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