Color Therapy Glasses - Magenta
Color Therapy Glasses - Magenta


Color Therapy Glasses



Magenta is associated with:

• soothing
• relaxing
• gentle

Benefits may be:

• balance of emotions
  for both the over
  and under emotional
• peace

Too much magenta may result in:

• can be too relaxing
  (not good for the
  introverted or

For a comprehensive guide we refer you to the An Introduction to Colour Energy. 

An excerpt from the guide: 

"The color energies that surround us are an ever changing picture of sparkling colors, which reflect how we are inside ourselves. Everything from physical health to emotional and mental circumstances show through the colors of our aura. 

When all our chakras are in balance, we display all the colors of the rainbow clearly and evenly. 

It is really all about balance. If you have too much red energy you may find yourself being angry/hot headed so take a walk in the forest or put on a green sweatshirt."