Boobs Pot - Black
Boobs Pot - Black

Group Partner

Boobs Pot



Gravel & Gold x Group Partner

Boob Print + Girl Pot = Boob Print Girl Pot

A few years ago Isaac of Group Partner gifted us one of his Girl Pots wearing a groovy Gravel & Gold boob print swimsuit. 
It’s been years in the making, but worth the wait: meet the official Boob Print Girl Pot collaboration.

They make quite a pair. 

The pot is cast in a medium brown clay and hand painted with colorfast matte glazes. 

Dimensions: 4.75" x 4.75"

Group Partner

Brooklyn, NY

Group Partner is a Brooklyn based ceramic studio created in 2012 by "neo-hippy" Isaac Nichols and "radical feminist" Steph Smith.  Neither of whom are "business types".  The "company" started as a means for Isaac to "blow steam" following his  "long day at the office" as a "ponytail contractor". Following the internets embrace of his "girl" and "face" pots Isaac struggled alone.  In 2015 Isaac crossed paths with "radical Feminist" Steph Smith