Jessica Lanyadoo

Altar Building with Jessica Lanyadoo

March 4th 2017 7PM-9PM


The world seems on the brink of Yeezus-knows-what and yet we still have to pay rent, floss our teeth, and keep on keeping on.

This class is a chance to bring real talk to spiritual self-care. We will learn how to build an alter by naming not only the objects you need on it, but also the energy and approach needed to boost your self-care rituals.

In this class we’ll explore ways of managing stress and staying associated when you're itching to check out. We'll discuss what your Altar needs to have on it, how to set intention with the Moon cycles, connect with your Guidance, and generally manage your psychic hygiene. This class will provide tools for coping with situational anxiety, depression, and inertia in these scary times.

This workshop will be held at the shop:

Gravel & Gold
3266 21st St.
SF, CA 94110

Jessica Lanyadoo

Oakland, CA

Jessica Lanyadoo is an astrologer, psychic medium, and an all around nice lady, who wants to help you help yourself. She has lectured extensively on astrology, talked to countless dead people, and petted many cats with great enthusiasm. Read her horoscopes, get a personal reading, or take a class with her because it'll be awesome.