OMIOMI is a concept dreamt up in response to a decade of work in the kitchen and a myriad of creative influences, including the natural landscape, memory, dream and heritage.

Founded by Brooklyn native/San Francisco transplant Chelsea Turowsky, OMIOMI values thoughtfully curated, atmospheric food gatherings and health conscious, ingredient focused seasonal fare. Our menu is a bridge between surprise and comfort, and fresh to the core. Sourcing locally and organically, OMIOMI meals pull from a sea of international cuisines, integrating flavors and ingredients in fun and inspired ways. 

OMIOMI currently operates as an artistic catering company as well as a health-forward, personal meal delivery service, with ongoing additional pop up food projects. Chelsea also co-runs plant based weekly meal delivery business, PLANT DAYS. OMIOMI is located in the Outer Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco. 

Learn more on the OMIOMI Website and Instagram 

Happenings with OMIOMI