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Gravel and Gold

Cat Fish Toy


The Gravel & Gold Cat Fish Toy originated when we were working on our special line of Vintage Dutch Blanket Coats this fall.

We were left with piles of vibrant fluffy remnants that we couldn’t bear to toss out.

What to do with these lovely odds and ends??

Answer: A fish shape, stuffed with more fabric and a teaspoon of cat nip. This sublime combo will, more likely than not, get your feline friend purring and rolling in an herb inspired stupor.


Our cat Claude Gomez has his claws intact and is a pretty tough guy, so he made quick work of the structural integrity of the first prototype. We decided to make the Cat Fish Toy 100% biodegradable, including the Cotton thread with which it’s stitched together. So feel free to bury it in your yard or toss in the green bin once it’s lived its life.

 Check out videos and cat groove on the @catfish_toy Instagram

 Some notes:

-Contains Wool, Cotton, and Cat nip.

-Sewn by paw in our studio in San Francisco, CA

-If it gets dingy you can Hand Wash in cold water and Line Dry.

-Most cats, but not all, respond to cat nip, the internet says 1 in 3, our research got a 1 out of 5. Only you will know if your cat will lose its mind over this charming fish.


too much info?? feel free to edit or lmk if i left anything out.


Please note: due to the handmade nature of this item, pattern placement will differ from the photograph. We know cats can be very particular but hopefully, they won't mind!