Ljiljana Milosavljevic

Ljiljana Sweater Party



Ljiljana Inc. was the creation of Ljiljana Milosavljevic. Each of her knitwear designs was hand drawn, a pattern was created, a knit devised, and then they were produced in the former Yugoslavia, where Liljana was raised. Wild interpretations of impressionist painting as well as Serbian country scenes appear as major influences in these heavy woolens.

As wee ones, Jana (Ljiljana's daughter and Lisa's childhood hip attachment, who is known around the shop as Captain Blankenship) and Lisa would journey though tall hanging forests of white sweaters, weaving through racks. The wall-to-walls in the Cambridge MA headquarters of Ljiljana Inc. were all white as well. Cruising around, they would part floor length bright wool jackets, alleys of legging embroidered with yellow and fuschia flower clusters, to circle round one another with their imagined wolf dogs.

Gravel & Gold is muchly excited to host Ljiljana in the shop all day this coming Saturday for a sale of her deadstock knitwear pieces: headbands, leggings, socks and many an incredible sweater! Please come on by to enjoy the work and meet the creatress herself.