Dori Midnight

Dori Midnight

San Francisco, CA

Dori Midnight entered our lives as the happy result of the most unlikely of set-ups: Nile’s mom ran into Dori’s mom at the supermarket down in LA. The moms—old PTA compatriots—figured out that both their daughters were living in San Francisco and had to meet. Said daughters, once informed, thought of course, Yikes. But then in comes Dori to the shop on the appointed day, in all her teeny glittery witchy glory, and a grand friendship was formed. Only seldom again shall we doubt, Mamas!

Dori is an ordained interfaith minister, intuitive counselor, and trusted witch. From her kitchen sanctum in Western Massachusetts, she presides over an enchanted domain of healing herbs, potions for the good, and a wee dog named Rainbow. In the shop, we are offering pots of her charmed honey. The honey is guaranteed to be as delicious as it is potent.

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