Large Fabric Gift Bag -  Green Plaid
Large Fabric Gift Bag -  Green Plaid

Large Fabric Gift Bag - Green Plaid

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Birthdays and Holidays in my family weren’t exactly like the ones you see in the movies. We didn’t rush toward our presents in a frenzy of flying arms and frantic fingers, shreds of paper and tape flying across the room. No, in my family we’d surgically unwrap our presents, delicately peeling the tape and carefully re-folding the paper for next year’s holidays in an effort to reduce waste. It was a chore, but it was tradition.

In keeping with that same waste reduction ethos, we’re pleased to introduce these reusable Gravel & Gold Gift Bags—no peeling tape or folding paper required. When the festivities are over and the gifts have been exchanged, these bags can be put away until next year or reused to hold shoes, jewelry, toiletries, cat toys, etc.

Made from leftover fabrics from our apparel productions, these festive gift sacks come in 3 sizes and feature a ribbon drawstring.

16" H x 16" W