Alexandra Jacopetti Hart

Alexandra Jacopetti Hart

Sebastapol, CA

Alexandra has been an active fiber artist since the 1960’s when she was living in Berkeley, CA and operated a small home-based business called Dharma Trading Co. (yes, it went on to become the Dharma Trading under Isaac Goff). She learned handweaving with Maj Britt Mobrand who is still teaching and weaving in Berkeley.

Alexandra moved on to Marin County and became one of the founders of the Baulines Craftsmans Guild taking apprentices under their program in Bolinas, CA. She completed a large piece of public art, a knotted playground known as Macramé Park in 1974. Filmmaker Ben Van Meter made a 21 minute film, "The Saga of Macramé Park" about its creation.

Later that year she published Native Funk & Flash with Scrimshaw Press which was a bestseller that year. That fall she moved to Sonoma County. Soon after setting up in a family compound known as Sunshine Camp in Forestville, Alexandra began Folkwear Patterns with two friends: Ann Wainwright Funsten, a pattern maker and Barbara Garvey, an avid home sewer; she wrote the garment histories and the handwork instructions, adapted traditional handwork designs and proving them.

Parallel to the Marin and Sonoma activities she executed many large-scale woven tapestries for residential and corporate installations across the country. More recently she returned to smaller scale, personal pieces, concentrating lately on peyote-stitch beadwork necklaces.