Past Collections » Spring 2013

Gravel & Gold, the shop, opened its doors in 2008. Since 2012, we have produced clothing, accessories, and home goods with an emphasis on handmade print designs. Everything (almost) is made in San Francisco, California. We've also had the pleasure of collaborating with a host of inspiring producers and artists in the Bay Area and further afield. We are honored to do this work we love with people of such excellent-high standard! Please enjoy exploring our archive!

Spring 2013

San Francisco-based painter Rachel Kaye volunteered during our residency at Gospel Flat Farm the previous year, and we hatched the idea of making a print with her at that time. It was a great pleasure to collaborate with Rachel on her print "NOIZ" for this collection. Also, Cass made her first multi-screen print "First Falls" and "Boobs" landed on shirts and pillowcases, where they have remained steadfast.   

Shape-wise, we kept up our plan to make simple garments so that the print designs stood out, to improve what we had that was working, and to add what we wanted to wear. Our mama friends tell us that the Mekko Dress we introduced this season—smocked, with buttons—has been their go-to while pregnant and in the years that follow.  

Mariko Reed photographed the collection at Auntie Augusta Talbot's house.