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Gravel & Gold, the shop, opened its doors in 2008. Since 2012, we have produced clothing, accessories, and home goods with an emphasis on handmade print designs. Everything (almost) is made in San Francisco, California. We've also had the pleasure of collaborating with a host of inspiring producers and artists in the Bay Area and further afield. We are honored to do this work we love with people of such excellent-high standard! Please enjoy exploring our archive!

Fall 2014

We aimed to make working clothes for working women this season. The new Nezu Top and Zeta Dress were intended to serve and not to hinder. Same thing goes for all the stretchy gear and the new, gigantic 5 AM Tote.

We, though, that a gal ought not to sacrifice outlandishness for utility. To ensure this (and in our own creative process, too) we made a lot of new prints this season. Cass was inspired by the home studio of potter Lucie Rie to make the print "Loosey Lucie." She and Holly devised the simple stripe "Rake" together. Then we off-set a former print, "Udon Dotes," to make "Many Moons." Also, as usual, "Boobs" showed up for the party. 

The chef and beauty Lauren Schaefer was photographed on seamless by Tomra's cousin Leo Docuyanan. Then our own dear Nastassia Clucas photographed Lauren as part of "The Possible," David Wilson's collaborative show at the Berkeley Art Museum. Thank you everybody!