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Gravel & Gold, the shop, opened its doors in 2008. Since 2012, we have produced clothing, accessories, and home goods with an emphasis on handmade print designs. Everything (almost) is made in San Francisco, California. We've also had the pleasure of collaborating with a host of inspiring producers and artists in the Bay Area and further afield. We are honored to do this work we love with people of such excellent-high standard! Please enjoy exploring our archive!

EMprint Press

Emily Johnson, O Em! 

Em is a treasured friend, live wire, popsicle maker, and a superlative letterpress printer with two home bases: Portland, Oregon and Cody, Nebraska. In August of 2014, Cass was delighted to work with Em for a week at EMprint Press in Portland, at YU. Outside, the bike lanes were broad, the kitchen gardens in full force, and the shower piping hot. Ah, Portland. In the studio, Em bossed around her assorted big machines, and they settled on using her vintage Miehle letterpress to print four card designs—two by Lisa and two by Cass. 

Each card was a kind of experiment. Inconceivably, Em had never experimented with split fountain inking on her press, so dazzling new tricks were acquired by all. Lisa's fine line drawing Bath Belly made for an ideal design for letterpress, playing to the strength of the detail that is possible with this kind of printing. Both it and Cass's fabric print "Boobs" made tiny were printed with a rainbow split fountain. Lisa's mountain scene Go Stay Stay Go also featured a split fountain harvest moon / rotting persimmon on the flip side. And Nut was a two color separation that, again, offered instruction on the distinct capabilities of letterpress printing. 

Another exciting aspect of this round of production was that we decided to donate the proceeds for the sale of the Boobs Card to the worthy La Leche League of Northern California and Hawaii. It feels good to put those Boobs to good service!